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Need help this one time!!!

cinny started this conversation
Hi. I am a single mom of two who hasn't been employed since September. I have been making ends meet until now by using my monthly child support and food stamps.  After months of job searching I was finally offered a great f/t job today and I start the end of next week. My problem is that I only have one outfit in my wardrobe that is acceptable attire for this work environment. I won't have any cash until I get my first paycheck which will be three weeks from now. Therefore I find myself in desperate need of at least a couple more work outfits. I would be willing to pay whomever back within a months time if they were willing to lend me a small amount of money to purchase an outfit or two for work. I would also be willing to provide receipts for my purchases which if I'm smart would be from one of the many local thrift shops here in Phoenix. Any amount would be appreciated greatly. I think that I could do well with $50.00-$75.00.  If anyone out there would be willing to help you could send the money or even a gift card to the following address:  C. Forrester 4232 West Mtn. View Rd.  Phoenix, Arizona 85051.  Even a gift card would be great.  Expect to receive whatever amount loaned to me back within a months time.  Thanks for reading this and god bless you.

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